Reflection #1

“Think about learning and education with all the new tools that are being built. We are on the cusp of the acceleration of that and it’s almost overwhelmingly good.” This is a quote from the article, 17 Quotes on the Future of Technology from Davos 2015. This quote describes much of the health and promotion field that uses technology like social media to educate readers about multiple health topics. Every year technology becomes a huge aspect of various industries including health and promotion. This article is only two years old and it still captures change in today’s technology.

The Huffington Post published an article in 2014 about “wearable technology”These wearable health monitors are tools we see today, I see people every day with an apple watch or a Fitbit. These are examples of wearable tools that monitor an individuals heart rate, sleep patterns, physical activity, or calorie intake, ect.. People have choices as to how they want to tract their health, like smartphone apps or a watch!

The video on ABC with Stephan Yang (our professor) was informing the viewers how popular video games are and now you can play games all the time  without putting yourself at risk for health complications. Just Dance is an example of a game for an active system that gets you up and moving while having fun. It helps people try new things to get active and helps those with physically diseases or disorders improve.

After reading this weeks articles and watching the videos it has made me reflect on how much technology affects our world today. Every day is changing and it is changing fast because of how advanced technology is. Technology plays a huge role in health and promotion because the internet is where most people get their information. Technology has improved many individuals health through video games, monitors, and other tools. Overall, I thought that the videos and readers were very accurate, informative, and interesting!2015-medicine2


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