Week one Reflection

health-tech          Health and technology have been working hand in hand for awhile now. The need for technology to work along with medical professionals is ever growing. Doctors and regular citizens alike can now use technology to make looking after their health that much easier. The advancements that have taken place in the past decade have been astronomical.

Recently doctors have been able to see a significantly larger number of patients due to video tech. advancements in online physical therapy and other services can cut costs by 80% according to the article “how doctors improve health via disruptive technology”. Insurance companies are happy about these changes as well so its a win for everyone involved.

Wii-hab: Video Game therapy described the benefits of playing certain fitness focused Wii games available to the public. Dr.yang explained the practicality of combining good genuine fun and cardio. The number one reason people don’t stay active is because they view it as being inconvenient and undesirable. The video game fitness technology now makes working out feel like genuine fun.

A truly amazing technology available to the public is the 23&me. Send a small amount of DNA to this service and you get an extensive look into your own genes. This technology can tell you weather or not you have any DNA abnormality’s which can be a relief to anyone that’s curious.

I think its clear that the future of medical achievement lies in technology. This is an exiting time to be alive.



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