Week 1 Reflection- Audrey Meany



Throughout the articles from week one was the idea of how technology is ever growing, and is being used frequently in the health industry.  One of the articles we were required to read included “The Revolution Has Only Just Begun.” I found this particularly interesting because it expanded on the idea that technology is a positive aspect of  our growing society. As they mentioned in the article, technology will give people more time, create innovations, and further the development of the medical industry. I agree with these topics, but overall I agree with the statement that we must shape the change of technology, and not let it shape us.

Another article included “Checking your vitals: Wearable technology is changing the way we monitor health.” I believe this is some of the most relevant information relating to what is happening in the world today. Many people are using devices such as a fitbit, in an effort to better their health. I think this is a great tool as much of our nation is considered to be overweight. This technology will in hope help people understand their health and guide them to make better decisions and further their knowledge about their own bodies.

The video “’Wii-hab’: Video Game Therapy,” was also contributing to the relevance of technology today. Games such as Just Dance and Wii-Sports give people the opportunity to be fit and play video games at the same time. This has been proven to be a great option for physical activity and is gaining popularity. Game therapy is a great way to help people be active and work to better their health.

There is a numerous amount of information to be taken from the articles and videos from week one. One of the most important things to take from them however would be that technology is not going away, and it’s crucial we understand how it’s being used and why. This will help further our education and in hope better our health for the future.



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