Week 1 Reflection. Alexia Esposito

public-news-tmp-37903-8366057186_703053c5c8_k-2x1-940 This week’s articles had very valid viewpoints explaining that technology has taken a strong stance when it comes to healthcare. It also takes a strong stance worldwide which would include our everyday living. Technology is a part of our everyday lives and for some technology, is essential. Researchers in the health field have been finding ways to improve people’s health. Game therapy is a fun way to get moving for patients who are suffering from diseases. Certain games are used for certain populations to see which ones work best. Some individuals depend on technology; it is what their life is beginning to revolve around. In the article “The Revolution Has Only Just Begun” it states we are experiencing the revolution now. What the article meant by this is when it states “The revolution affects everything and everyone. The internet is going to impact every aspect of our lives over the next few years: the media, work, medicine, and even academia. We’ve only just seen the very beginning of this development”. This statement shows how much of an impact technology has had and how it is evolving as well. The article also states that “several professions will have to redefine their job descriptions over the next few years”. We as individuals should not be worried though, because what this means is opportunities for innovation and the chance to be more of a human again. Many fear the change but what they need to understand is that this change cannot be stopped. Individuals need to shape the change before it shapes them. One common aspect of these videos/articles was that this new world of technology that is being created is only going to benefit us and how we live. The article 17 quotes on the future of technology from Davos 2015 states “Think about learning and education with all the new tools that are being built. We are on the cusp of the acceleration of that and its almost overwhelmingly good”. Technology is beginning to improve our education for the better. The statement Eric Schmidt makes proves this when he says “Everyone gets smarter because of this technology… and the empowerment people is the secret to technological progress”. Reading through these articles one of the more popular technologies was wearable technology. Wearable technology such as Fit Bits are becoming more exclusive because it is changing the way individuals monitor their health. In the article checking your vitals: wearable technology is changing the way we monitor health by Angela Haggerty, she mentioned app tracking for nutrition. I think having an app for nutrition really does help individuals have balance. They can look for advice, guidance and be sure of what foods they should be consuming. It could potentially lead them into having a better lifestyle. One last aspect these articles touched based on was healthcare. In 2015 there was a prediction for five changes to the core of the U.S healthcare system. These included insurance, pharmaceuticals, supplies, medical services and payments. For example, Walmart tipped its hand by laughing at healthcare insurance exchange online. Another example would be Amazon, they are beginning to undercut the medial supply chain. In the article” Healthcare Predictions for 2015” it states that Amazon will first target small practices and cutout group-purchasing organizations that take an undeserved cut of savings that could be passed on to physicians. If Amazon can ship you toilet paper in two hours, it can supply a small practice with gloves and gowns. The volume from these accounts will justify free shipping, especially when Amazon moves upstream into higher-margin products such as sutures, syringes and other commoditized supplies.” Even the medical field is becoming better with the new technology that is being created for them. In my personal opinion I think that these videos/articles hit on the main ideas on why technology has become so popular and will continue to evolve. It is truly amazing on what we as individuals can accomplish with just using our technology sources around us. Overall I enjoyed watching the videos and reading the articles. It gave me insight on what is to come and what we already have accomplished with using different technology for different things. Also it expanded on research and new ideas to benefit us as time goes on.


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