Week 1 reflections Adam Burlew

After watching and reading the articles from week one many of the points the authors made about healthcare were accurate and I agreed with most of them. The first video called How doctors improve health via ‘disruptive technology’ by Bruce Japsen he talks about how many healthcare facilities are moving to technology for patients and record keeping. Things like electronic files and Ipads for a check up on a patient are being used for more connivence and less money. Jaspen also talks about physical therapy being over a webcam for patients to also save money and make it more convenient for them. I personally do not agree with this style that they may move too because it defeats the purpose of the physician actually working on a client and directing them as they want to. Physical therapy involves a ton of physical work and making sure clients are doing as much as they can to improve what they have injured.

The next article I found to be interesting was the healthcare predictions for 2015 by Julie Papanek. The article states that United States healthcare will change insurance, pharmaceuticals, supplies, medical service and payments. Two aspects of the article that caught my attention were a piece that Walmart will become many American’s source of healthcare insurance. I personally disagree with this because there are many other companies out there that provide healthcare and I believe they will not stop providing it. The second aspect of the article was that Amazon will undercut medical supply chains. I agree with this because Amazon is a well known website that is like any other store. It allows online shoppers to get whatever they want from multiple sources new or used. Very similar to the cite Ebay, Amazon could possibly in the next few years maybe not 2015 buy up medical supplies to sell and make a bigger profit.

The third article I found interesting was the 17 quotes on the future of technology from Damos 2015 by Ian Sanders. Many multi million dollar company chairs had a few opinions on how we should be using technology more to its advantage in todays day in age. Eric Schmidt a top runner of Google says that technology and how we should be utilizing this now should have happened a long time ago. We could be using it for things like education for children and even further advancements with this technology. Sheryl Sandberg a higher up of Facebook states that we should utilize technology for equality of America and more economic opportunities. Both of these high up company chairs are using their heads to try and advance people through the everyday technology. Its truly amazing that we as American’s have not seen more opportunities with technology to advance it or use it to our best advantage.

The last article I found interesting is checking your vitals: wearable technology is changing the way we monitor health by Angela Haggerty. Things like a Fitbit and app tracking for nutrition are some examples of how we use health in technology to better ourselves. From this article I feel that health monitoring can really save lives not only because people will be aware of their current condition if they have one but also know when something is to much or when its too little.


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