Week 1 Reflection – Laura Finn

This weeks articles and videos had an essence of the technological revolution that is among us and the what is to come in the world of technology. It is very clear that at least some form of technology is part of our everyday lives and in some instances our lives evolve around it. This new fact of life was made very clear in that article “The Revolution Has Only Just Begun,” one of the main focuses in this article was that the tech revolution has truly just started and there is so much more to come. It touched on the idea that many professionals will have to take another look at their job descriptions in the years to come due to all of the innovations. It also noted not to be scared but it is “vital to reinvent ourselves” due to all of these changes because we cannot stop this revolution. Another large theme throughout all of these sources was that this new world of technology would only benefit us. The Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt stated, “New developments in machine intelligence will make us far far smarter as a result, for everyone on the planet. It’s because our smartphones are basically supercomputers.” One of the highlighted technologies was wearable technology and how it is changpublic-news-tmp-37903-8366057186_703053c5c8_k-2x1-940ing the way we monitor our health. It is suggested that with all of the new mobile technology, digital and healthcare may find peace. Overall I really enjoyed reading and watching all of these materials and learned a great deal of what is to come and what all of the major heads in technology are thinking.


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