Reflection #1 Alison Nunziato

Technology is an ever changing tool today. With new apps and mobile devices we have found a new and effective way to interact with one another. Surfing the web, using our smart phones, sending emails, and sending text messages are all new ways we can track our progress. With all these new devices around us, we have found new ways to track our health and the progress we make on a daily basis. These new devices are quickly changing the world.

Angela Haggerty, the author of “Checking your vitals: Wearable Technology is changing the way we monitor health”, has a very interesting view of the new technology available. The article discusses how Google has received poor credibility when it comes to health care and health issues. A Google search of signs and symptoms can quickly send you to the worst. However, with the development of these new devices, digital healthcare is finally finding a safe ground.

These new devices are working to show how their health can be maintained and prevented instead of searching and finding self-diagnosis. These new devices are pushing for their users to become more knowledgable about living a healthy lifestyle. In my opinion, these new devices are the future of healthcare. The “FitBit” and “Garmin” trackers are new revolutionary tools that tracks steps, heart rate, and sleep throughout the night. With new knowledge of these key health aspects, people will be more prone to maintain their healthy lifestyle.

Personally, using a “FitBit” has dramatically changed my view of health. I have been able to track my sleeping patterns and steps for everyday. I also enjoy watching the changes of heart rate when I am at basketball practice. I have noticed how my sleep fluctuates when I eat dinner too late, if I don’t drink enough water, or if I am overly stressed. These new tools in technology have greatly helped me recognize the factors that can disrupt my everyday health.

These new health devices are quickly affecting our everyday lifestyles. These devices are going to open up new window’s for people who do not have access to the healthiest choices. These devices give the user the option to make smart choices on their own based on their own health. Healthcare in our society has quickly moved from self-diagnosis on websites like Google, to new wearable health monitoring devices that are going to play a major role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.





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