Games for Health: Game Instructions

Health and Technology Board Game


Objective: This game is a four-player game.  Using one die, the deck of cards, and both dice players try to move from the starting zone to the home.  First player to make it all the way around wins.

Based on: Health and Wellness

Needed Supplies:


  • Deck of Cards
  • Two six sided dies
  • 4 Clue Figures



The Athlete, The Captain, The Training Partner, and The Coach have been tricked by Physical fatigue and Mental Stress. Now they find themselves trapped in a Sports Complex and held there by the other opposing teams.

Game Rules:

-Roll one dice get an odd number to move out of start.

-Advance by rolling dice until stopped by the Broken Track

-Once at broken track flip one card a turn until you get the symbolized suite advance one square repeat until you pull every suite.

8 – count as every suite

J – Arm Wrestle player of your choice switch spots with that player if you beat them, you move to their square, but if you lose go back to start.

K – Distracted by Mental Stress don’t move until your next turn.

A – Roll the dice against player of your choice.  Whoever rolls the highest number after rolling both dice the loser goes back to start

Q- Skip next person’s turn and move back one.

Suite Rules :

As you come to the Broken Track(suite ladder) you need to get the identified suite to move through that square

-When you come across the Broken Track and you flip a card of the right suit you must do the exercise of the suit depending on the number of the card that’s how many you have to do.

-Clubs: Jumping Jacks

-Spade: Sit Up’s

-Diamond: Push Up’s

-Hearts: Squats

If you get a face card do the action said above and skip the suite rules

(Ex. say you get a 4 of Clubs and the suit you needed was Club in order to move forward than you have to do 4 Jumping jacks.)

(EX. if you roll a die and come across the broken track you need to pick up a card from the deck, if you get a spade you move onto the next suite and draw again if you do not get the selected suite you don’t move your piece.  If you end your turn on a suite you must complete that suite before moving on.)

Once reaching the Soccer Field you start rolling both dice to move into the scoring position.

(EX. for the first roll you must roll an odd number in order to move forward into better scoring position. For the next roll you must roll an even number to move into even better scoring position. When you reach the last square you must roll a double of the same number in order to score and win for your team.)

Player Perks:

The Athlete- Overthrow the Coach

Two times a game you may activate this ability all other players go back one segment of the board if this ability would put you closer to your home it does not affect you. Ability must be used on your turn.

The Coach- Burn the Fields

Twice a game all other players can not advance for 1 turn(Unless they roll doubles on the dice.) Ability must be used on your turn


The Training Partner- Mind Control

Automatically activates when the first two opposing players reach the Sports Complex you may take their first turn for them.

The Captain: Seduction

You can use this ability twice a game on your turn and a player not on the Broken Track or in scoring position return to the starting position.


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