Week #7 – Anthony Hernandez

This week’s articles all focused on this new technological wave of wearable technology in more specific to fitness trackers and their pros and cons. All of this week’s articles faced a criticism of these fitness trackers, specifically when looking at the accuracy of the data given by the app to the user. The technological advancement brought to us by the creators of the fitness trackers is extraordinary and something to be excited for. But we have to find an accurate way to figure out that the information provided by these trackers is accurate. I personally would never purchase any of these wearable devices because to me they are pointless and not useful because there is no way for me to test that the information being provided is true. According to the DailyMail article provided this week shows the must-have gadgets are often wildly inaccurate by as much as 40 percent. Now I ask myself why would I want to invest in something that is inaccurately going to provide me with information I am looking forward to being right. I personally just don’t find a point in purchasing these new wearable technologies but everyone has their own taste in new gadgets.


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