Week 5 Reflection- Anthony Hernandez

In this week’s set of articles a trending topic that is relevant across most to all of the articles is this idea of combining gaming with health. For example, a Forbes article written by Jordan Shapiro, states 4 reasons why gaming is good for an adolescents health and psychological benefits. He details them as follows, 1) The Cognitive Benefits of First Person Shooters 2) Call it Motivation Not Addiction 3) Control Your Emotions 4) How To Be a Social Butterfly. These 4 benefits each describe ways in which playing video games benefits the development of an adolescent. Personally, I believe there are negatives and positives to letting adolescents obtain the privilege to play video games. Yes it is a tool used to hone in ones skill and have them focus on a task for long periods of time but at the same time a child has to live and enjoy the life of being an adolescent.

The second article I would like to focus on would be the use of technology to improve the detection of health hazards within humans, the White House is pushing forth a plan to monetize an act that would improve the detection of diseases. Government health officials specify a new health plan for personalized medicine and the actions that President Barack Obama must take in order for it to be successful. I believe that this plan they have ready to go forth with will take much funding and organization for it to successfully be implemented, but I think it is a great idea because through this comes great innovation.


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