Reflection 8

For this reflection I took a look at the article from Runner’s World discussing the idea of data overload.  The article talks about how the use of wearable technologies for athletes can produce astounding amounts of data, however that can create the possibility of relying on this date to create specific regiments and ways of going about running.  In my opinion, you cannot move forward based solely on data.  Trackers are now available for basketball teams to track every movement by every player and give data on how to improve.  I believe this data can be useful in terms of giving players an idea of where they stand on their skill sets, and maybe give them an idea on what they need to work on, however this data will not make the player better alone.  The player, coach, and team must be willing to look at this data, and choose how to constructively turn it into a positive learning tool, however the physical aspect of playing depends solely on the player themselves.  If a coach spends their entire time computing data gathered from their team, they could be focusing too much on the little things and forgetting that success comes from the fun that players are having together and the bonds created by practice and the season.


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