Wellness app regulation. Week 8 Taylor Vavruick

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The health and wellness field is still a very untapped market in my opinion when it comes to technology. By that I mean companies seem to be coming out with new products everyday, and so far the possibilities seem endless. With these possibilities comes the potential to make millions and even billions of dollars, but who is regulating these products?

The FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) seems to be one of these agencies that is regulating products such as Maestro. Maestro is a weight loss device that the FDA recently has just approved U.S marketing for. It is an implanted device that is implanted just above the stomach and can manipulate key appetite signals. Seems like a pretty cool device right? In my opinion though it would not be my first option. While this is a really awesome product and the FDA obviously studied it and seems to think it is safe. With that being said I would not be so quick to put a device inside my body. I think I would first try the old fashion way first of good old diet and exercise. While genetics may play a factor in a person being obese, diet and exercise can still help a lot of people who are obese. This technology seems to be more for someone who is extremely obese and is facing more life or death situations, not for someone who is looking to lose a few pounds.

Maestro was really interesting to read about. Before this weeks articles I did not even know a technology like this existed. Its amazing what is out there right now, and even what is ahead for the future. It is reassuring that the FDA and other agencies have to regulate products like these. I think agencies should not only be regulating these products but also fitness and health apps as we learned in previous weeks a lot of apps are inaccurate. The future seems limitless with health products, but we need to make sure they are regulated and are safe for people to use.




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