Andrew Akin Reflection 10 November 10 2016

This weeks articles aren’t really related to each other. I couldn’t draw a relationship between the articles, but they have connections to health. The fitness tracker Sensoria, is an AI tab that you clip onto yourself that assists with keeping track of your health. To me this is just another way to track your health in a mediocre way. I have to clarify however, I am not anti-exercise. Im very pro-exercise, and staying healthy is very important to me, but when people think that they have to track every single micronutrient or macronutrient or every stride taken in a mile, is ridiculous. Sensoria is just another way to track your fitness. Another article that we had to go over was about the FTC discrediting a children’s game that claims to educate children. The FDC claimed that this game for children had no legitimate Ā information to give. I thought this was a cool article because it goes into detail about hoot determine the information given to children is scientific or not. Another article/video that we had to watch was about the founder of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and its impact around the world. I thought this was interesting because I myself did the ALS Ice bucket Challenge, and donated, but i didn’t know what i was donating too, I knew it was a disease that needed funding to help solve, and that It was for a good cause.


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