Joshua Wojcinski Reflection 8

People can discover all kinds of apps, some categories being strategic, sports, fitness, fashion and also health apps. Health apps are becoming fined by several health and safety organizations, for the good of the user. If you think about it, a good way to advance health promotion in todays world is social media. Why not state what health foods people should eat or how many hours of exercise one should get for the week? Even fitness tracker and mobile devices can be used to make people healthier. But unfortunately, only around 25% of adults use this form of tracking and fitness. Apps that promote motion and physical activity is very beneficial. Also promoting runs, events, and service opportunity can provide healthy choices for people of all ages. With exergames people have the opportunity to workout and play fun video games. For example, rock climbing with lights, to see who hits the most sections of the wall that light up or Dance Dance Revolution kick boxing. You never know what types of physical activity is possible, from the old school activities to new school activities. They all work! It’s all about getting up and do them.


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