Joshua Wojcinski Reflection 7

The new trending technology in todays world is smart watches and fitness trackers. But do they actually help and provide accurate statistics for consumers? Studies done by scientists suggest that “The results showed the bands could be as much as 40 percent off the mark when it comes to counting the number of calories burned by the wearer.” Tests from seven different brands, show that even the best brands can be inaccurate up to 15% of the time.

Results: Researchers tested some of the most popular models, with participants taking part in a number of activities while wearing seven different bands. Polar Loop had the lowest rate of accuracy rate at 40 per cent

Just keep in mind while on the hunt for these new fitness buddies, that the price may not be worth all the hype. I believe that ultimately, these products can be useful because it gives users the motivation to reach goals, with the ability to track that information without to much trouble.


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