When is to much information enough? -Allison Batchelor Week 9

Sometimes people who exercise can be overwhelmed by all this data that their doctors and coaches tell them about. According to Chris Derrick’s coach Jerry Schumacher, he says that he doesn’t like relying on data so much. He only uses it to monitor some things. If you don’t feel the altitude then you aren’t running hard enough so you should run harder. Some wearable devices can track your strides while you are running at different altitudes or just simply running on flat surfaces. I don’t think running should be based on data, it should be based on you and your goals that you make. You should be the only person accountable for the things you do not a monitor that keeps track of data. Your training should be based on you not others. You are the only person who can who can keep yourself accountable.

Have you ever heard of the smart scarf that is made by Microsoft? Well this scarf has built in sensors that can help people with disorders and diseases. This scarf can help people who need help managing their feelings. Not all scarfs can heat up, some of them can vibrate as well. With further research the designers can figure out how to also cool down the scarf and calm the patients feelings down when the get heated.


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