Reflection Week 9, November 3 2016 Andrew Akin

Our reflections given to us each week directly relate to the implementation of technology in the everyday lives of average people. From the most advanced technologies that elite athletic trainers use to track every movement, to simple distance trackers that follow us wherever we go. Using tech to monitor our performance as athletes is good, I agree with this. Having the tools to easily monitor and improve someones performance through feedback and practice is amazing, athletics has always been about maximizing performance. Where I think the line should be drawn is if you have no legitimate athletic or physically disabling need for the equipment. Having motion tracking equipment is all well and good,  but what do you really need it for. You every other day two mile run? To me, putting those resources and the time to mass produce technology to do something that the person should already be doing themselves. Persistent monitoring the individual’s own progress by being critical of their own selves, and analytical of progress and performance, should be valued above technology.


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