Week 6 Reflection. Accuracy of Fitness Assessment Apps. Jeff Ames

As we move into the future it is clear that technology can be used to influence lifestyles and even help improve one’s physical and mental health.  Phones, gaming systems, and wearable personal devices have been showing up everywhere and giving people this opportunity.  Xbox Kinect and Fitbit are two examples of a gaming system and a wearable device that are meant to influence a healthier lifestyle.  However, the main question is, do they work?  An article from The Daily Mail UK stated that researchers have been testing the accuracy of these devices by studying participants using a variety of different wearable personal health devices.  The results showed that these devices could be almost 40% off when calculating calories burned by the wearer.  The article found that even the most accurate devices are still not 100% accurate.  What I am getting out of this information is that the responsibility of influencing a healthier lifestyle may fall somewhat on the device, which is good.  However, the actual act of consistently working out and attempting to achieve that lifestyle is the responsibility of the user, and the technology is only there as assistance to give you a basic understanding of where you are.


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