10/22 Reflections

Professional Development, Social media profile analysis

Video & Article:

Health Disruptors– Wearables, the quantified self and synthetic biology: The Day Before Tomorrow kicks off with a look at health disruptors

In this article, wearable technology is discussed in a new series’ first episode. It discussed wearable technologies relations to health and the popularity of it in todays society. Technologies you can wear on your wrist such as the apple watch or fitbit are beneficial to those wanting to track their daily health habits. Depending on how people use the technology and who has access to others information, wearables can be either a good or a bad thing.For example from the article “healthcare has some particular peculiarities about it, being risk averse when dealing with life and death. Of course, they have to be careful to get it right, but it still has to go through the same journey as all the other industries.” Wearable technologies may be very beneficial to many.


Tweet to Butt Out– An Observational Study of Social and Emotional Support in Smoking Cessation Twitter Accounts: Content Analysis of Tweets

This article discussed everything that took place in a certain study. The objective to examine current Twitter activity for smoking cessation. In the study it was found that the informative tweets that gave statistics of the negative outcomes of smoking had less followers than the account that had motivational tweets to stop smoking. In order to get users involved and have a chance to tell their personal stories, open-ended questions were tweeted out. The conclusion to the study was that smoking cessation activity doesn’t exist on Twitter. It is suggested from preliminary finding that certain content strategies can be used to encourage followers, but this needs to be further investigated.

Health Behavior Theory in Diet Apps – Med2.0– Health Behavior Theory in Diet Apps

Researchers have found apps such as ones that track health (steps, calories, etc), weight loss, and promotion of health, that aren lacking theoretical components to facilitate health behavior change. The study concluded that Diet-related apps could be an important part of the solution to the current public health crisis related to obesity and obesity-related diseases. Also, the diet-related apps which are currently available are lacking in their inclusion of health behavior theory constructs. Future apps should be made differently with the information of this study, improving the faults.

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-Corinne Hendricks


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