10/15 Reflections

Healthy video gaming – Exergaming & Big Data – Personalized Medicine

Video Reflections:

Big Data and Personalized Med– Healthcare Analytics for Everyone

This video is a presentation by Stephen Yang was “Playing for health: the Past, Present, & Future of Exergames”. Stephen Yang was asked to speak at DHCX 2013 about using Games for Health. Topics such as being sedentary, obesity, and health (what is it?) were talked about during the presentation. Also, an important part of the video was the 3 points: game/tech/play, implementation and programming crucial, and the precipice of health data organization. Stephen Yang’s presentation promotes the use of games as a fun and different way of exercising.

Gaming for Health– Gaming for Health- DCHX 2013

This video shows that Health care analytics can be for all businesses that need it. It can benefit hospitals and healthcare systems of all sizes and budgets. A healthcare system or hospital can become partners with someone who will collect the data, organize it, and turns it into reports. Then that partner will give the person the important knowledge they got from all of the research they did. All of the actions that the person working in the system needs will be supported by the work of the partner from healthcare analytics. Time, money, and lives are being saved due to healthcare dataworks.

Article Reflections:

Obama Personalized Med– White House Details ‘Precision Medicine’ Initiative

This article discusses one of Obama’s goal for administration- “precision medicine” during his state of union address. Doctors can help patients more than ever with specific treatments for their condition or disease by what is in the patients DNA. Although Obama has made precision medicine a priority a few times before, I believe the effort of doing so at all is of great importance.

Exergaming EE– Finally the end to copyright confusion has arrived

This article is a great source on copyright information. I had clearer understanding of the concepts surrounding Fair Use, Copyright, Creative Commons and how it all applies to schools and education through the slideshow. Also, the five principles code of best practices in fair use clearly states what educators and learners can do- which is beneficial to many. If I had any questions or confusions on copyright everything was answered by the end of the articles and videos.

Active Fantasy Sports– Active Fantasy Sports: Rationale and Feasibility of Leveraging Online Fantasy Sports to Promote Physical Activity

This article talks about the objective of the conveniency for new active video games. The background data says the most popular avgs fail to promote physical activity outside of the game or for extended periods of engagement. Two studies of fantasy baseball and basketball games promoting physical activities were made and the results of the games were that the physical activity contingent features and privileges into online fantasy sports games were supported. The baseball game study showed more steps results than the basketball study as a result. Because of the positive results from the study it is proven the fantasy active video games can promote physical activity.

Games for Health– 4 Reasons Video Games Are Good For Your Health (According To American Psychological Association)

This article goes through four reasons that gaming results in a positive impact. The reasons are: The Cognitive Benefits of First Person Shooters, Call It Motivation Not Addiction, Control Your Emotions, and How To Be A Social Butterfly. These reasons along with two studies that had shown cooperative behaviors outside of gaming lead readers to believe gaming for health can be beneficial.

Corinne Hendricks

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