10/08 Video and Articles Reflection

MS HealthTech video- This video accurately demonstrates and explains how the use of Kinect can put an individual in better control of their own health. Kinect can help a wide-span of people looking to improve their health because they need to or because they want to. It will also make exercising much more fun and enjoyable. This technology can be very beneficial to many so hopefully it expands to more health care providers in the near future.

Games for health article- This article thoroughly discusses a combination of health and gaming for a healthier lifestyle. Management of Health and Wellness is strongly being impacted by gaming technologies, showing positive results.  The fact that games are making a healthier living for people is outstanding; it is great to hear that gaming technologies for health are being recognized. The global level that these companies working together are aiming for is beneficial for everyone and I hope to see more come of the health tech. games. 

Is gamification a fad? article and What It Is and Why It Matters to Digital Health article– From these articles I understood that consumers and the health app industry are influenced by gamification; I agree with this. Also, I believe people change their behavior effectively from gaming after reading the articles. Everyday people download apps, possibly an app that is health related- and they share it with their friends. The app suddenly becomes something everyone has and the health app industry then thanks gamification. I don’t fully believe this is a fad because I don’t see people stopping the fun experiences they get from gaming and from their apps. As long as there is a healthy balance of time playing with technology and still practicing healthy habits when off the devices, the possibilities of good outcomes are endless. 

Best Quantified Self site article- In this article a website called Aprilzero is reviewed by someone and explained in detail. Sport, Explorer, and Journal are three sections included on the website. This is beneficial for someone that wants to track the places they go and their health by keeping a journal. I believe this website is more convenient for those more into having their data digitalized, but others may be uneasy over having so much personal information on the internet. 

Excellus breach article- An example of technology gone wrong is within this article. Hackers can make their way into health care providers systems gaining access to all the information they want, breaching sensitive data. The amount of information leaked is astounding and can make many people uneasy about new technologies for health being used. With more security and different measures being taken; technologies can be improved but until them everyone should be cautious of everywhere their personal information is being shared. 

-Corinne Hendricks

featured image from usnews.com 


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