Reflections Assignment

Articles/Video Reflections

-Corinne Hendricks

The Smart Desk-

The smart desk is a height-adjustable desk. It comes with a built in motor, so you can force yourself to sit down and stand up throughout the day without changing the placement of your computer screen. It can also sense if you are sitting down for too long; it will have you stand up. I believe this is a great invention for those who are working at a desk all day and are worried about the unhealthy habits and horrific risks from sitting for long hours without much movement. The downfall is that you can make your own standing desk with supplies from home and this desk would cost almost 3,000$. With basic knowledge you can create your own for free so I believe their product needs more to it for the price to be worth it.

“Friending Teens”-

In these studies there were 288 involving social media, of which 87 met criteria for inclusion; 75 were purely observational and 12 were interventional. The study was about the use of social media in adolescents and teens and seeing if it affected them on the topic of positive health outcomes. It is believed that this age group’s health choices are impacted by social media and these studies were testing that. The results showed that they need more information and different studies for it to be more effective. They did conclude that the study centered around how young adults and adolescents interact through social media.

Health Tracking App-

This health tracking app is called inner age. It shows tests your blood for five specific biomarkers shown to be correlated with longevity. These 5 are glucose, vitamin D, CO2 inflammation, liver health, and, testosterone. It will tell you your “true” age based on this biological report card, along with how to optimize those biomarkers to “gain life.” The service is unique and I believe it can be beneficial to many. Some may be surprised of what their age is and start to make healthier choices that will give them a longer life span. The article seems to show how fascinated the woman that did the review was about her lifestyle and all of the fixes she could make to be healthier. Sometimes these health apps can be dangerous so they need to not be fully trusted right away, but in good hands they can be helpful for healthier habits. If you use and app like this right Inside Tracker can be a helpful tool, but if you do not it can be harmful to your lifestyle.


This service provides DNA analysis by ordering a kit that you fill your saliva with and send in to the lab to be analyzed. They test your DNA through a chip that is protected in their laboratory. By participating and ordering a kit you can help genetic research become more advanced. 23&Me can be very beneficial to anyone questioning their ancestry, DNA relatives, lineages, family tree, and neanderthal percentage. The negatives of this include the results your receive and who you tell. It may ruin relationships when you have found out you may inherit a life threatening disease. Also, it can make someone live a paranoid life or one they will no longer live to the fullest. Although there are downsides I believe receiving results of your DNA can be very beneficial for someone who is using it positively and wouldn’t be affected much by negative results.


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